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Check out these fun psychological tricks

Want your Lazy team member work like a Superman: If you have a lazy person on your team, that slows the speed of the whole project. Instead of saying “Do this”; just say “Start with this”. To them, it feels like less work. When they complete their first task, use these words next “Very good, continue with this”, until they end up finishing what you wanted.

Want to convince someone to do what you want: A study reveals that waiters receive higher tips in the restaurant if they slightly touch the customer’s shoulder during a transaction. Because touch can be used to increase trustworthiness and sincerity.

Want someone to follow Your Instruction like a Robot: If you want someone to do something for you & you know they’ll never do it for you. Simply start your conversation with this phrase “I know you’ll never succeed”. People will try really hard to prove you wrong when you’re doubting their capabilities.

Want people to accept their mistake: Make your strong effort to remain calm when someone raises their voice to you. The feelings of anger quickly subside and guilt will set in and usually, this person is first to ask for forgiveness.

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