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See list of foods that are harmful to the health if eaten together

Often, either by way of stylish eating, having a colourful and tasty meal or in a bid to get more nutrition, we are found combining two or more foods.

In some cases of such combinations; we unknowingly cause harm like exposing our system to disease and digestive distress, stomach ache, bloating, flatulence, excessive gas, weight gain, fatigue and even bad breath.

For our health's safety, some foods should rather be eaten separately instead of being combined, since their digestive processes and timing are different. Hence the underlisted food combinations should be avoided:

1. Garnishing Pasta and Noodles with Tomato

I mean who prepares noodles or pasta without the colourful and tasteful garnishing of tomato?

While basking in the tastefulness and relish of tomatoes in pasta and noodles, we are in other words being enemies to our very own bodies. Why this is harmful is because the acidity in tomatoes would go all the way to weaken the enzymes in pasta which by the way is starchy. This ends up resulting in delayed and difficult digestion.

2. Combining two meals that are both high in protein

Example of such meal combination is egg and bacon

Eating eggs same time with bacon is one combination that should not have been invented, but on the contrary, it wasn't only invented but has become quite popular in many homes.

Seeing that these two are high in protein, one should at all cost try to avoid eating them together as it will not only sit heavy on the stomach but will need so much time to get both digested.

To be on the safe side, it is best to eat light proteins first before meat and to also eat foods in courses.

3. Eating banana with milk

Before taking a combination of banana and milk shake, it is best to add some cinnamon or nutmeg powder to it, as that will help make an easy digestive process.

Banana and milk combination causes fatigue because it takes time to digest due to it being heavy.

4. Taking any citrus fruit along with milk

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon and so on, all have huge quantity of acid which in turn has negative effect on the enzymes meant for protein digestion in milk and other dairy products, when consumed together.

A mixture of both milk and citrus fruits or juice, can convert milk into mucus, making one vulnerable to cough, cold, and some other allergies, and could also result in excessive gas and heart-burn. Since milk takes a lot of time to digest, it then worsens the case of those whose systems are intolerant to lactose.

5. Having fruits with meals

Do not eat fruits with meals and also do not eat fruits immediately after having a meal.

Fruits do not require much time to get digested, which is quite different from meals. However, having fruits with meals makes the digestion of fruits slowed down because the time needed to digest meals gets the fruit trapped and by that the fruits may get fermented in the stomach. It is best to eat fruits on empty stomachs.

6. Pizza and other cheesy foods with cold drinks

Snacking on burgers, pizza and such other snacks wouldn't be complete without having to step it down with a cold bottle of drink.

Be it as mouth watering as it sounds, it is detrimental to one's health as it stresses the absorption process resulting in stomach aches.

As a lifestyle, it is better to not just eat any meal, but to eat healthy because health is wealth.

Having known what foods to avoid combining, it is also important to always remember that:

- Combining starchy foods with acidic foods is not healthy;

- Combining starchy foods with proteins is also not a good idea;

- Of course eating two or more meals high in protein at once is leaving one's health at a risk;

- Dairy products such as milk as well as fruits are better consumed on an empty stomach.

With a good meal plan, sicknesses would be kept at bay.

Always consult a doctor where the need arises.

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