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Ectopic Pregnancy: Symptoms and Prevention Every Woman Should Take Note of

In this article,we are going to discuss about Ectopic pregnancy, it's prevention and remedy.

This Ectopic pregnancy means a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg in plants outside the Uterus. The fertilized eggs can't survive outside the Uterus and if left to grow it may damage nearby organs and cause life-threatening loss of blood, nausea and breast soreness.

See Your Doctor If You Have This Symptoms.

- Sharp waves of pain in the abdomen pelvis shoulder or neck.

- Severe pain that occurs on one side of the abdomen.

- Dizziness or fainting.

- Rectal pressure.

Here are some of it's causes.

1. Hormonal factors.

2. Genetic abnormalities.

3. Birth defects.

Who is at risk for an Ectopic pregnancy?

All sexually active women are at risk for an Ectopic pregnancy. But this risk increase with any of this following;

_ Maternal age of 35 years or older.

- History of pelvic surgery.

- Abdominal surgery or multiple abortions.

Prediction and prevention aren't possible in every case, you may be able to reduce your risk through good reproductive health maintenance.

Make sure to maintain regular visit with your doctor, including regular gynecological exams.

Taking steps to improve your personal health such as ; Quit smoking because it's also a good preventive strategy.

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