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This Mother Took a Step That Later End In Tears - Sad Story Of a Woman Who Underwent Plastic Surgery

At a certain age, some health discomforts can make us engage ourselves in somethings that are bounded with risks and side effects.

In a family of 5 which consists of a loving mother, wonderful children and a responsible father. This family lives in peace, harmony and unity but an incident occurred which brought grief and tears to the their faces. Kindly read this story to the end, it definitely won't leave you indifferent.

Abimbola bamgbose, a mother of 3 is a social worker and also the backbone and bread winner of the family. Her husband Mr. Moyosore olowo also helps his family by showering them with his support and attention. The Nigerian-british Mother is a 38 year-old woman who had been living together with her loving husband for more than 15 years almost without any misunderstandings or conflict.

There's no poverty in life when you have a loving, peaceful and happy family. They are a gift which can not be bought or traded for gold.

Once in the life of Abimbola, she had had to travel to overseas to undergo a Botched Plastic Surgery called Liposuction in turkey. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a technique to remove fats from some specific area of the body like hips, thighs, abdomen and others.

The surgical operation was successful at first but after some days Mrs abimbola began to experience severe abdominal pains after receiving the treatments. She was admitted to an hospital and got prepared for another treatment procedures.

The husband, moyosore flew to turkey for some necessary explanations on his wife's medical condition. He was informed that there had been an error in abimbola's operation which resulted in the complications.

When moyosore returned home to check on his family, he received a sad message that his loving wife had died following complications of the liposuction surgery. The mother of three died from multi organ failures.

It's unimaginable the pain a person passes through after losing someone dearest to them. This saddening incidence brought tears and grief upon the family. The husband made all necessary efforts to sue the surgeon responsible as he claimed it was due to his medical negligence.

This was very painful for the husband to handle, the woman was the mainstay of the family who had a calming influence on her husband, The man is now left alone to cater, care and provide for their three children.

Abimbola underwent the surgical operation due to the size of her tummy which was was giving her severe health concerns but unfortunately it went wrong and later led to her death. The family voiced out to warn others about the risks of health tourism.

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