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If Your Urine Always Foams, Here Are 5 Probable Causes And Foods To Watch Out For

The human body always speaks to us and one of the ways it does is through our urine. While most people are not aware of the signs some others do not know how to respond to these signs.

Some people are ignorant of the vast amount of information their urine provides about their physical health. Urine is one of the best indicators of the general state of health of the human body because it is a waste byproduct that is filtered from the bloodstream. This process is carried out through the excretory system with the kidney playing a chief role in the whole process.

Some of the most accurate ways our urine tells us about the general state of our health are through changes in its colour and foaminess because they are influenced by factors such as the type of food eaten, the presence of certain diseases, the type of medications taken am the impact of our daily activities on the body.

Foamy urine is one of the many characteristics of urine. It can be either normal or an indication of a medical condition. One cause of urine foaminess is when the bladder is full and as a result, the urine drops down hard enough, hitting the toilet or wall with enough force to stir up the water which causes it to have a foamy look.

A Digitized Illustration of A Normal And Foamy Urine

However, when the urine foaminess is a result of a medical condition it is mostly accompanied by certain symptoms that you should look out for because you would require medical treatments. Some of the symptoms that are associated with foamy urine as a result of these medical conditions include but are not limited to nausea, vomiting, swelling in the hands, abdomen, feet, face, insomnia, loss of appetite cloudy urine and so on. If any of these symptoms are present at the time when an individual begins to experience urine foaminess it might be an indication of certain underlying medical issues. Below are some of the medical issues that could cause foamy urine in people;

- Concentrated urine which is caused by dehydration

- Excessive presence of albumin in urine due to chronic kidney diseases

- Retrograde ejaculation (when semen remains inside the bladder instead of coming out through the penis)

- Amyloidosis, an occurrence that affects different organs in the body including the kidney. It is an excess buildup of certain proteins in the body.

- Some medications for certain ailments.

There are different medical solutions for urine foaminess with their administration highly dependent on the cause. But for those who experience urine foaminess as a result of kidney problems, you are strongly advised to cut down or limit the consumption of certain foods that might be causing more damage to your kidney. Typical examples include;

1. Salty foods

- Sandwiches

- Pizzas

- Sausage

2. Foods that increase the sugar level of the blood

- Rice

- Bread

- drinks/Foods containing much sugar

3. High protein

- Fish

- Egg

- Meat

- Dairy products

In conclusion, one of the healthiest foods is vegetables and beef, fruits, nuts and so many more natural foods that are rich in vitamins needed for proper development.

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Source: Healthline

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