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What I Caught My Younger Sister Doing In The Bathroom Breaks My Heart(Fiction).

Am Sam and am the first son in the family, I have an elder sister currently living in another state and two siblings of which the last born is female. Am just 22 while my younger brother sister is 20, our last born whose name is Efe is just 17.

Efe is a bright young girl and I like the fact that she looks really like me. Not so brilliant in academics but she is still faring better and am coaching her for the waec although I don't know that government will later postpone it.

Our home is the perfect replica of "Mad House" as someone is always throwing a feat or the other. Am the cook of the family, something most of my friends find ridiculous. Although Efe can cook but both my mom and Dad would always insist I do the cooking as am better than her at it. I didn't mind though, the lock down will soon be over and I will be back at school.

It happened one Saturday evening when I noticed that instead of Efe to eat with us at the dining room, she had taken her food to her room and locked up the door. I didn't say anything as I felt she is free to do whatever she likes. My dad is not home that day and my mom said she was not going to eat till he arrived.

Just barely a week later, the same thing happened again and I felt slightly angry and complained to Dad but he finds no fault at it and my mom said nothing so I let it slip. What pissed me is the fact that if she didn't eat with us at the dinning table, I will be the one to pack all the plates back to the kitchen and I hate it. Why would would I do all the cooking and packing alone? Is not like am the only one that is going to eat the food.

She did it the third time and I felt so angry and decided that it's high time she stopped all the nonsense, after we all finished eating, my mom and dad went upstairs and is left for me to pack up the dishes. I made up my mind to go and call Efe that she must pack the dishes today or I will beat her. I got to her door and almost opened the door when I stopped and started doubting, should I knock or not? It's been a long time since I last entered her room and she is even more matured now. Verily, I also won't like it if someone entered my room without knocking. I braced my self and knocked on the door. Once. Twice. There was no reply so I decided to enter, the room looked perfectly normal although I could perceive some kind of odd peculiar smell. I didn't see her dish on the bed and that kept me surprised and I started suspecting a foul play.

I walked towards the bathroom door that was barely open. Whatever she is doing there, am her elder brother and she has a right to explain. I slightly opened the door to check if someone is bathing or not and the answer is no. I flung the door completely open and what I saw shocked me.

It was my sister. She is pouring her food in the toilet. That's the worst insult I can ever take. A meal I took all my time to cook?

Immediately, I shouted in anger and descended on her with a slap. This attracted the attention of my parents and they all come running down at the sound of her wails as I kept on beating her.

Everyone blamed me for beating her over such "little" thing and it angered me the more.

Please am I right to beat her? She wasted all my efforts away and she would not even help me cook.

Please drop your comment down below cause am already planning on how am going to use salt to destroy her food tonight.

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