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Be your medical doctor- Herbs to recover sickness

There are some common herbs that are readily available in our environment. Herbs are useful most times in cases of serious emergency. It is tested and confirmed that natural herbs help in the treatment of sickness and diseases. Some part of Africa countries are blessed with some vegetation where we can get our herbs. Today am going to be showing you some natural herbs that helps in treatment of many sickness you probably don't know.

1. Yeast Infection

Apple Cinder Vinegar. Get your apple cinder vinegar, add half of the apple cinder vinegar into your bath water. Dilute inside the bath water. Bath with the apple cinder vinegar as it cures yeast infection and also other bacteria infection.

2. Gonorrhea

Garlic. Get your garlic slice and chew or either add to food substance as it helps to cure gonorrhea. Garlic is also used in the treatment of many sickness and diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, hypertension and dysentery.

3. Fire burns

Aloe vera. Add the gel of the fresh aloe vera leaf, and add to the affected area. The gel in aloe vera leaf help in the treatment of burns.

4. Weight loss

Fenugreek. Fenegreek is an herb that help in reduction of weight loss. Get your fenugreek seed soak it over night and consume raw in an empty stomach.

5. Diabetes

Okra. Cut your okra into pieces and soak over night. Drink the juice the next morning.

6. Sore Throat

Ginger. Slice your ginger into pieces and chew. Repeat the process daily.

7. Blemishes

Tomatoes. Get some fresh tomatoes, wash and cut into slices, add into water to make some juice. Stir gently and drink.

8. Dysentery

Mango leaves. Cut some fresh mango leaves, dry the mango leaves and grind into powder form. Add with water and drink.

9. Acne

Plantain leaves. Get some fresh plantain leaves, Extract the juice from the plantain leaves. Add to affected area.

10. Cough

Bitter kola. Get some bitter kola. Crush the bitter kola into powder form as it will be best if you add it with honey. Take some mixed bitter kola and honey twice daily.

I hope some of these herbs, will be of benefit to you. If you seems not to understand some path, drop your ideas in the comments section.

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