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Do you know there are people born without fingerprint

A rare gene mutation may be the reason that some people are born without fingerprints, a new study finds.

The fingerprint free disorder is informally known as immigration delay disease, because someone countries require fingerprint for entry.

Normally, our unique fingerprints are fully formed during pregnancy. The ridges on our fingers develop patterns of whirls, loop or arches or a combination of all three on our 10 fingers. But those with immigration delay disease are born with finger pads that are smooth, apart from from possible creasing.

When taking a fingerprint of someone with the condition " instead of having a nice, regular pattern of concentric circles, you see smear,"

It's an extremely rare condition, only 4 extended families in the world known to have it.

Professor of university hospital basel, Switzerland studied a swiss family with the disease and find out of nine out of 16 members had the disease, confirming it was genetic. In 2011, they discovered the cause, a mutation in the SMARCAD1 gene, which is involved in developing fingerprint in the womb.

Truly they're humans, but classified under special target due to the abnormalities in their chromosome.

a family of 4 (2 daughters) living in Canada in the city called Manitoba is a case study of this trend. The parents are having fingerprints but the 2 daughter do not have fingerprints, it was a misery to them. The case was investigated, and was discovered that it was a result of adermatoglyphia, in other words immigration delay disease.

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