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Health benefits of Taro root (cocoyam) plus 6 delicious cocoyam recipes you can prepare at home

Cocoyam which is a general name to root tuber crops is a food which is usually eaten in many homes. Cocoyam can also be referred to as "taro root" and is a source of carbohydrate just like yam, but studies revealed that cocoyam has many health benefits when eaten regularly. Many people prefer not to eat cocoyam probably because they didn't know its goodness but it is enriched with vital nutrients.

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Many families decided to cultivate this crop in their compound so that they could get it at anytime after harvest.

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The amazing benefits of Taro root or cocoyam according to are summarized below.

1. It is a good source of carbohydrate that produce energy.

2. Cocoyam or taro root can also help to maintain healthy weight because of its high fibre content.

3. Taro root promotes heart health.

4. Cocoyam is a fibre rich tuber which can help to control blood sugar level.

However, cocoyam can be prepared in different ways which can make you eat it more often. I'll show you some cocoyam recipes you can prepare at home.

1. Cocoyam porridge

Cocoyam is cooked and stirred after the necessary ingredients like salt, crayfish, pepper, palm oil and onions have been added.

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2. Pounded cocoyam(cocoyam fufu)

This is a food commonly prepared in Southwest Nigeria. Pounded cocoyam is usually eaten with any soup of choice.

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3. Achicha ede (dried cocoyam)

This is a popular Igbo food. It is made with dried cocoyam.

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4. Cocoyam soup

Cocoyam soup is made with cocoyam. Some tribes also make use of cocoyam leaves to make delicious soup.

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5. Boiled cocoyam with garden egg sauce

In this recipe, cocoyam is cooked seperately and eaten with egg sauce.

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6. Cocoyam chips

Cocoyam chips is prepared just like plantain chips. It is very delicious and you should try this recipe to have a taste of it.

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