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Lymphoedema in women : Check how you can treat it

What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is caused by an excessive collection of lymph in the tissues, and when it occurs discomfort and pain , altered body image and a lack of mobility. We have two categories of Lymphoedema. Which are:

•Primary: This is a situation when the structure of the lymphatic system did not develop properly, and this is a congenital problem.

•Secondary: This is when the lymphatic system is damaged by surgery, radiotherapy or by disease.

How you can treat Lymphoedema?

The treatment for Lymphoedema should follow the well laid guidelines of the British Lymphology Interest Group. These recommendation includes re-education about skin care and an explanation of why the lymph fluid is accumulating. Prompt notice and report to a specialist will ensure that the affected person gets the right advice and education about her condition. The measurement of the limb provides a baseline for any future interventions and when compared with the measurements of the unaffected arm will give an indication of how swollen the arm have become. Exercises for the swollen limb to help mobilize the lymph fluid will be taught and the fitting of an appropriate compression sleeve will further assist the drainage of the fluid. Simple self massage of the remaining lymphatic system can also be taught to help the condition. Also enabling the affected individual to take some control of her condition will help to reduce the distress from side effects of breast cancer and it's treatment. For a chronically swollen arm, bandaging which is carried out daily for a long period of time can help to reshape the limb prior to fitting a compression sleeve. Qualified and certified nurse can take over this treatment successfully. Need more help, you can easily go to a qualified hospital and simply like and comment below to have more solution.

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British Lymphology Interest Group Lymphoedema


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