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Why Depression is so Much More Than Sadness.

I have been sad and I have also experienced depression (still in the struggle), and what I can categorically tell you is that depression and sadness are two separate things.

Granted, sadness is an external manifestation of depression. Sadness is one of the emotions you feel when depressed, but you can be sad as well without being depressed.

Sadness is an emotion, while depression is a mental illness.

Depression manifests differently in people. It is quite difficult to explain and understand what you are feeling when depression hits.

It is not uncommon for loved ones of those who suffers from depression, especially from this part of the world to attribute depression to the supernatural. I remember telling a close friend about my depression and he was looking at me like I was crazy. He then tried to connect me to a pastor. Although his heart was in the right place but I know that he just couldn't relate to what I was going through.

For me depression is like a dark cloud hovering over your head. Everything might be going on fine in my life but I still won't be able to shake away this overwhelming feeling of despair. Depression can feel like you are suffocating and no matter how hard you try to come up for air, you are still suffocating.

I knew, I needed help when I started having suicidal thoughts. I would stay up for hours in my room obsessing over ways of ending my life. I would look up articles on people who have ended their lives from suicide, just to get the motivation to do as they have done.

I got the help I needed. I started seeing a shrink, which helped me tremendously because they are professionals trained to handle issues like this. I was placed on anti depressants, which has made things quite better.

Everyone experiences sorrow or hard times at some point, that is part of life. When people express sorrow, it is usually as a result of something or a particular situation. If such situation is to change, then their sadness dissipates.

To those who are going through depression, I want you to know that it surely gets better. You are not alone, even though you might feel like it right now. You are not your depression, do not let it define you. Depression can take a lot out of anyone, but it doesn't mean you should give in to it.

Talk to a professional today. There are organisations in Nigeria that provide mental health services. There are available resources online and know that you are not alone.

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