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Say No To Drugs: See The Effect The New Drug "Colorado" Did To This Young Boy.(Video)

The world is really changing from bad to its worst as the development of more harmful drugs are produced each and every day.

The latest of them currently is the “Colorado” drug sold in various pharmacy shops. Though its not the actual name given to this drug, but its widely known as Colorado because of the effect the drug poses on the body after consumption.

A video of a young boy in Lagos was seen under the strong influence of this drug, he was seen piercing himself, rolling on the floor, and giving himself horrible injuries like he was possessed by a demon. The boy nearly killed himself if not for the sake of his friends who came to his rescue, who poured water on him, and applied some other watery materials they believed will ease or serve as a tonic to the effect of the drug.

There are significant things about this drug “Colorado” It starts its effect 30min after consumption and lasts for 10-12hours before you gain control of yourself from it. It can also kill if not properly managed as has been proven by Certified Doctors.

Please a word of caution to youths, this drug is not like any other hard drugs people take to attain to a certain state of mind, this one it's a killer, it kills within the time frame of 5hrs after consumption if not properly managed.

Abstain from Drugs


Please if have more information about this dangerous Drug please leave a comment below for other to know better.

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