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5 main health benefits of eating Pig Meat

Did you know that in 2017, in Brazil, 3.75 million tons of pork were consumed? The consumption of Pork is becoming more and more frequent, despite its reputation of being bad for the body. However, depending on the cut, pork can be a great source of nutrients and even considered a lean option, alongside the already established fish and chicken. Below are 5 healthy benefits of consuming Pork meat:

1. Source of protein

Since it is rich in this nutrient, it is capable of guaranteeing optimal muscular health, including the heart, since it helps control cholesterol and blood pressure. Not to mention the energy source, with vitamins (mainly B1 and B3), together with other minerals that also help improve performance during exercise

2. Important for child development

Pork also has vitamins A and B, selenium, zinc and iron. These elements help in the development of children in several areas: cognitive, psychomotor, structural and even the immunologic system.

3. Prevents diseases

If compared to other meats, it has a much lower sodium content and a higher quantity of potassium, which contributes to the prevention of hypertension. In addition, it also guarantees from 10% to 22.5% of the ideal amount of iron for daily consumption, avoiding anemia.

4. Promotes healthy ageing

Selenium acts as a micronutrient that protects the body from premature ageing. Therefore, its consumption also contributes to long-term benefits, such as a more active old age.

5. It has many lean cuts

Most of its cuts are lean and its fat can be easily separated from the meat. For those who follow a fitness menu, the most suitable are: loin, ham and steak.

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