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People Question Man's Mental State After He Posted Himself Eating Yam and ToothPaste

If you believe you have seen it all, believe me dear brethrens, you have not. We live in unpredictable times with people that are wired differently and commit bizarre things, things thàt you begin to question their mental state when you see what they do.

Sadly enough, this is social media where everyone and anyone has access to and puts up anything that does not benefit the interest of the public. Some do not mind the effects their actions and utterances has on the public.

A man on Twitter has just caused commotion and at the same time gotten people questioning his mental state after he posted himself eating yam and toothpaste!. You heard me dears, " Yam and ToothPaste" in quote.

Surprised at this discovery, people enquired to know if he is passing through difficult times, if he is depressed and if actually he is, he should talk to someone about it. They told him suicide is not an option.

Someone even went ahead to educate him on the danger of this ingesting toothpaste that contains high sodium fluoride which is stomach pain and intestinal blockage. And that food poisoning has no remedy as it will slowly affect every system in the body for years.

But the surprising here is that he bluffed what ever comments coming under his tweet and said that " He didn't start eating this food combination today and that they don't know good food".

I want to believe this is just for clout and attention because no reasonable human being would combine such disaster and put in his system. Have you ever seen anything weird than these food combination? How did you react to it?

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