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Checkout The Best ways to get rid of rats in your homes, you can do it yourself

Did you know that rat transmit over 20 types of diseases harmful to the human body? Today there are many people who have become malicious towards these small rodents and can harm our lives. It is better to kill a mouse than to let it go.

This is because when you release them, they will return to their nest in your home and spread the disease. There is a list of home remedies for naturally killing rats

To get rid of rats using natural means, you have to be smart to catch them. The rats that work in packs are rather intelligent when it comes to fleeing and entering the house with the diseases they transmit. To kill rats naturally, people usually choose rodents' favourite food, namely “cheese”.

The yellow soft ingredient is treated with chemical poison, which is then placed on a mousetrap to attract the rodent. This old remedy is getting a little messy for modern people, so these simple ways of getting rid of rats with home remedies can be very useful Dealing with rat indoors

Check out some of these ways to kill mice naturally

1)get a cat

The old way of killing mice is to bring the cat into the house. No matter where the rat is, the cat will find its way to find the rodent.

2) peppermint

Rats can't stand the smell of peppermint. If you want to kill mice naturally with home remedies, you need to dip cotton balls in peppermint oil and put them near their hole. The smell of mint itself will shrink your lungs and kill you.

3) human hair

They say mice can't stand the sight of human hair. The reason for this is that rats usually tend to swallow hair, which kills them.


 onions are another food that you can use to kill mice naturally. All you have to do is cut an onion, put it near its holes and wait for the party to be enjoyed. This is one of the home remedies for killing rats naturally.

5) owl feathers

Plastic rodents like snakes can help get rid of rats. However, to completely scare her, try putting owl feathers in her hole.

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