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Reasons why Pancreatic cancer is a gradual killer and one of the deadliest diseases known to man

The Pancreas is one of the very important organ in the human body that shouldn't be neglected or not properly taken good care of. The Pancreas is located behind the upper right part of the stomach. The Pancreas is surrounded by other organs such as the small intestine, the liver, and the spleen.

Pancreatic cancer, happens to be one of the most deadliest diseases known to man. In the sense that, it doesn't outrightly show all its symptoms at once but gradually in which one might think is mild or ascribe a different illness to it.

In this part of the world, whereby a lot of individual/s go through their day-to-day activities, year in year out, without even going for a single routine check-up/s. All you'd see most folks doing is combining random herbal medicines whenever they feel sick.

Or would gladly go over to any road side pharmaceutical store and state the symptoms they are feeling. And the chemist attendant, based on his/her knowledge about such symptoms would most of the time, suggest some drugs which is totally different from the main illness being felt or experienced.

Before moving on to the symptoms of pancreatic cancer. It's very paramount to state it's functions for the sake of those who might not know how important this organ is to their human bodies. Hence, are being carefree about their health. Below are the crucial functions of the Pancreas;

1. Endocrine Glands

The main function is to produce pancreatic hormones which are; insulin, that acts in reducing blood sugar, and glucagon, which helps to increase blood sugar level within the body.

2. Exocrine Glands

The pancreas organ also contains exocrine glads which produces very important enzymes that takes part in digestion processes. These digestive enzymes include trypsin and chymotrypsin which aids in digesting proteins; the glands also secretes amylase which aids in the easy digestion of carbohydrates; and lipase which easily breaks down fats.

With the functions of the Pancreas being clearly stated, below are the common symptoms of a diseased/a cancerous Pancreas;

1. Do you experience drastic weight loss and you are so certain you've been eating and resting well?

Weight loss can be due to incomplete digestion which is often due to the cancerous growth in the pancreas. The weight loss happens when the cancerous cells uses the proteins or nutrients in the foods you've eaten for their own growth. Hence, depriving other important organs in the body from getting the essential nutrients they required to be healthy, and function the way the need to.

2. Do you experience difficulty in passing out stools or experience constipation?

Once there's insufficient amount of pancreatic enzymes,the digestive systems processes tends to be very very very slow. And this process can cause the stool to be overly dry, very hard and it becomes an Herculean task to pass out stool/feaces easily from the body through the large intestine.

3. Does your skin and your eyes looks Yellow?

The pancreas produces bile. And once the pancreas is inflammed or diseased, the skin or eyes starts turning yellow this is due to a medical condition called Jaundice. This is because the bile has being blocked by tumor cells. Hence, not allowing the bile perform it's bodily task properly. Other symptoms of jaundice is a dark urine, very light clay coloured stool, etc.

4. Is your back or the upper right side of your stomach painful?

The back aching seriously bad, and the upper right of the abdomen is seriously being painful , this is caused by growing malignants of the spreading cancer of the pancreas which is gradually spreading to other parts of the digestive system. Hence making it difficult for your digestive system to process the foods you eat properly.

5. Do you feel bloated and too full every now and then whenever you eat?

When the Pancreas is diseased and probably very weak, it causes a lot of pancreatic problems. One of such problems is bloating and excess accumulation of gas in the stomach. Which in turn causes the excess building up of fluid in the stomach which in turn causes the stomach to overly stretch. This condition is medically called ASICITES.

6. Do you experience loss of appetite and nausea?

When one is faced with a pancreas that is diseased and very weak to the stage of being cancerous, one starts experiencing loss of appetite, and having nauseous feelings. This is because the person's digestive system is unable to digest the eaten foods properly, and absorbs accurately the nutrients derived from the foods eaten.

The above symptoms are most of the symptoms experienced when ones pancreas is diseased or cancerous.

Moreso, asides having a knowledge of what the symptoms of Pancreatic cancer are, it's paramount one knows if he/she is at high risk of having pancreatic cancer or not. Below are a list of individuals who are at a very high risk of having Pancreatic cancer;

1. An individual whose family line has been afflicted with pancreatic cancer (Hereditary disease)

2. Someone who is a chain smoker

3. Someone who has excessive weight gain, ie overly fat, etc.

Conclusion: If in anyway you experience the above symptoms, do not hesitate to go for a medical checkup as soon as possible. Do not endanger your life and health by taking self mediation which might be harmful to your general well-being.

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