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7 Wonderful Benefits Of Eating Raw Onions That You Should Know

Onions are widely used in various recipes to enhace the taste, it's a good source of Vitamin B and vitamin B6, as well as magnesium, calcium and lots of other nutrients. Consumption of raw onions provide lots of amazing benefits which are important to your health. some of which includes

1 - Improvement of the eyes: Onions contain sulphur which is good for the eyes, it improves the health of the eyes by stimulating the production of a protien name glutathione which acts as antioxidant. Also the mineral selenium in onions supplies Vitamin E to the eyes.

2 - Improvement of our immune system: Eating onions could boost your immunity and fight against all kinds of infection. It contains selenium that improves your immune system and stimulate immune function. In order to keep your immune systems strong, you need to consume onions everyday.

3 - Fights Cancer: Red onion are the most common and effective in destroying cancer cells, it contains high levels of quercetin and Anthocyanin, this two compounds provoke the cancer cells to kill themselves.

4 - Lower blood sugar levels: Onions are known to lower the blood sugar levels due to the sulphur compound, this sulphur compound have beneficial effects on blood sugar. if you are suffering from high blood sugar increasing the consumption of onion would be beneficial to you. 

5 - Improves the health condition of our heart: The red onion contains flavonoids which improves the overall performance of the heart, onions are also rich in organa-sulphurs which prevent the risks of cardiovascular disease. 

6 - Improves sleep: Onion contains pre-biotic which is known to improve sleep and reduce stress.

7 - Improves oral health: onion are often used to prevent tooth decay and oral infections, chewing raw onions for 2-3 minutes can potentially kill all the germs present in the oral area and surrounding areas like the throat and lips.

This are just few benefits that chewing or eating raw onions can have on your health.

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