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Medical advise on how to use and dispose your sanitary pads

1. Don't dispose in a dustbin. Keeping them there for a long time can be dangerous to the health, as it attracts rodents and insects that will spread diseases from one place to another.


2. Tie it in a polythene bag, while disposing it. And, don't let it last more than a day.


3. Don't make use of rags.

It can be very risky to make use of it. Medics have advised that, of you must make use of it, it must be properly washed and left to dry under the sun.


4. Using tissue paper is medically wrong. Ladies have been advised not to use it. It can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).


5. Maintain good personal hygiene during your 'flow.' Take your bath regularly and stay neat, otherwise you might be in for some infections.


Source: sunnewsonline

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease


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