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Woman pregnant for 17 months breaks guinness world record

The human body is one thing that science can never totally understand as every day doctors are left amazed with what the body can do. Pregnancy in humans is expected to be due in 9 months, some can go less while other go up to 10, 11 months, it very rare for a pregnancy to be up to 14 months. Not in Wang shi's case.

Wang shi, the woman from China's central hunan province in 2016 set a guiness world record with her 17 months long pregnancy. She went to the hospital 7 to 10 days after her due day passed, which was supposed to be november 2015. Doctors ruled out a cesarean section in the 14th month of the pregnancy, because the festus wasn't matured enough for the operation, and there was no known reasons for that.

When she was interviewed in China she said she's too embarrassed in to leave the house because she has being pregnant for Long.

According to experts " there are women who give birth after 13 months of pregnancy but such never happened in the 17 months. They can't explain the reason for such delay.

She had a cesarean section in the 18th month, the baby weigh 3.8 kilograms. Doctors still don't know the reason the festus wasn't grow g like other normal fetus.

There are too many wanders in this world, the baby should be named WANDER

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