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Medical Reasons Why You Should Not Hold Your Urine

According to Healthline since the majority of people are curious about what happens when holding your pee becomes a habit, I'll discuss it in this post.

The thought of periodically holding back pee may not be damaging to the body, but if it becomes a habit, it may cause a number of health problems.

Medical Reasons Why You Should Not Hold Your Urine


Urinary tract infections are also known as UTIs. The reasons of these include when the urinary tract becomes infected, and the symptoms of UTIs include pain when urinating, abdominal pain, and urine that is smelly and a different color. Moreover, holding in urine might lead to UTIs and put you in the hospital.

bladder issues.

Urine is kept in the bladder of the human body. Long-term retention of urine, however, can potentially weaken the bladder muscles by stretching them. And when this happened, the bladder would struggle to usually release urine.

renal stones.

A small, hard deposit known as a kidney stone develops in the kidneys. Moreover, passing it is said to be extremely unpleasant.

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