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Women Stop Chewing Gum During Pregnancy, See The Harmful Effects - [PHOTOS]

While there are benefits, chewing gum during pregnancy also comes with its own caveats.

1. The artificially sweetened gums and flavours can be directly responsible for causing dental issues and can be quite an irritation during pregnancy.

2. Sorbitol is a widely used sweetener in chewing gum, which is also responsible for inflation of the gut. At times, this could affect the foetus and cause a restriction in its normal growth.

3. Certain gums also contain sucralose, which is linked with causing harmful effects related to diabetes.

4. The constant act of chewing can weaken the cartilage muscles of the mouth that are present to cushion the jaw from any impact. If they get damaged, there will be a constant pain in the mouth.

5. In certain mothers having phenylketonuria, the aspartame chemical present in chewing gum can directly affect the foetus and bring more harm.

6. For mothers who use nicotine gum as an alternative to stop smoking for the baby’s benefit, it is necessary to know that nicotine gum is not a healthy choice either. Nicotine is the core addictive and if it reaches the baby’s blood, it can be responsible for cardiological problems later in life.

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