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7 Things You Should Avoid To Live Long

The desire of everyone is to live long in good health. However, this desire can be accomplished by the application of some lifestyle changes. The things you should avoid to live long will be discussed in this article.

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Things You Should Avoid To Live Long:

1 Overstressing yourself: stress may shorten or limit the lifespan, cause illness etc.

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2 Cheating nature (sleep): the amount or quality of sleep you get can affect the lifespan.

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3 Staying isolated and alone always: keeping to yourself and staying alone always with any interaction can hinder your social activity with others, Increase the risk of depression and weaken the immune system.

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4 Extreme anger: anger releases a stress hormone called cortisol which has been linked to a greater risk of mortality.

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5 Smoking

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6 Eating processed foods.

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