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Reasons why You should always help the poor.

A poor person is someone

lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.

A financially challenged person can be helped in many ways, one can provide him food, clothing, help him arrange a shelter, give him cash for medical treatment, provide medicine or help him get a job or self-employment.

Volunteering your time, money, or energy to help others doesn't just make the world better—it also makes you better. Studies indicate that the very act of giving back to the community boosts your happiness, health, and sense of well-being.

benefits of helping the poor.

1. Helping the poor helps you in many ways.

2. Helping the poor makes you live longer.

3. Helping the poor makes you happy

4. it helps build confidence and also gives a strong

5 helping others help you too.

   We all should be someone who would always come to aid or assist others.

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