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Reasons Why You Release Little Sperm During Sex

Many men observe weaker discharge as they get older, including a decreased degree of pressure and a smaller volume of semen.

The amount of semen or the force of an ejaculation can vary from man to man, but if you've recently seen a change in either of those factors, you probably have a few questions.

According to Medicalnewstoday, below are reasons why you're producing little sperm after intimacy.

Retrograde ejaculation.

This happens when the muscle responsible for properly closing the bladder after discharging malfunctions, causing semen to exit the private organ and enter the bladder. When having intimacy, men who experience retrograde discharge may have little to no visible sperm.

Low sperm count.

Low sperm counts may prevent some men from producing enough semen to be evident during discharge.

Blocked sperm ducts.

Semen cannot always be ejaculated because to obstructions in the tubes that convey sperm from the testicles to the private organ.


Alpha-blockers and some antidepressants, for example, can disrupt the ejaculatory cycle and cause less semen to be generated.

Prostate problems.

The process of discharge might be hampered by problems with the prostate, such as inflammation or infection.

Hormonal imbalances.

Decreased testosterone levels might have an impact on discharge and sperm production.


Men's sperm counts and ejaculate volumes may decline with ageing.

It's significant to remember that not every intimate interaction will cause discharge. This can differ from person to person and is normal. However, if you're worried about your lack of discharge, it's essential to talk with your doctor to identify the underlying issue and, if required, create a treatment plan.

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