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Milk Crate Challenge: 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Participate In It

The new online trend known as milk crate challenge has been the topic of the country with thousands of people participating in it.

The 'Milk Crate Challenge' calls for stacking milk crates in the shape of a pyramid and successfully walking up one side and down the other. The major problem is when people fail to make it across, they end up on the ground and sometimes hurt badly.

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Now some Nigerians have decided to participate in the crate challenge, which I'll advise they don't. From videos circulating online, some Nigerians have joined the challenge and below are 3 reasons why you shouldn't participate in the new challenge.

(Photo Credit: The Guardian Ng)

1. You can get injured so bad that you might end up paralyzed.

The crate challenge which people regard as fun can also lead to an irreversible deformation. When a person fails to make the challenge, he/she falls from the top of the crate and may end up hitting their back on the ground, which could cause severe damage to the body.

2. Poor medical facilities in the country.

When you see foreign people try out the challenge, you believe you can also do the exact thing or even better, but you forget the poor condition of our medical facilities here in Nigeria.

In foreign countries, where there are standard Medical facilities and skilled personnel, it is a lot easier for them to treat an Injured person compared to Nigeria.

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3. Lastly, it is time-wasting.

Many youths who participate in the crate challenge don't know they are wasting their valuable time. "Time is money," Instead of wasting your time in something that could harm you, try channeling that energy and time to something better.

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Nigeria is a country where majority of the successful people created jobs for themselves. As an adult or a child, stay away from crate challenge and find something valuable to do with your time.

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