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Ladies, Here Are What The Colours Of The Discharges On Your Pants Mean

As ladies, we hardly know if we have vagina infections or not. The only sign some ladies wait to see is the terrible itching of which the infection might have gotten to an advanced stage before they go to hospital.

But if you are able to tell the nature and colour of your discharge, you will treat yourself earlier and avoid getting yourself to the advanced stage where you will cause your body system serious damage.

To be on the Sade side, get a diary, keep a tab on your vagina discharges and record them, to avoid damaging to your system because of untreated diseases and infections.

Remember, any damage in the vaginal area may lead to infertility. In addition yo this, learn how to change your undies.

I will be discussing the changes a woman will experience during vagina discharge. I will also help them identify the status of the vaginal discharge and make them understand the meaning of its colour.

It is worthy to note that vagina discharge can come in different colours- pink, red, white, green, yellow to brown. The texture and consistency vary too.

Here Are Different Types Of Discharge And What They Mean:

#1. White — When you see this milky whitish discharge you have nothing to worry about about because it is very normal. But when this whitish milky discharge comes with itching then there are traces of vaginal yeast infection which should be treated as soon as possible.

Though it is not life threatening but should not be overlooked. You can use anti fungal cream as recommended by a doctor to treat it.

#2. Clear and Stretchy — This discharge does look jelly-like. It shows that your body is ready for ovulation. This is noticeable around 14 days from your menses.

It has the consistency of egg whites as there is increase in estrogen. (female sex hormones).

#3. Clear and Watery — Whenever you see this discharge, it is mostly an indication of your most fertile period. Your body sends slippery secretion to help sperm swim its way to your uterus.

Another thing is, you can experience this when you are sexually aroused but the different between this and my first explanation is knowing the date it happened from the first day of your menses.

Also, you can experience this discharge when you engage in physical exercise.

#4. Yellow or Green — Please, this is not normal. There are chances that you have been infected with a bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) like trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, or chlamydia.

This vaginal discharge has foul-smell and can cause vagina burning , pain and redness during sex or urination. The colour can also vary, from white to gray to yellow or green.

Seek proper medical attention and treatment when you notice this.

#5. Brown — When you see this colour, no cause for alarm. This may be old blood sitting in your uterus after your period or old blood trying to come a day before your menses.

But if your menses comes out brown, see the doctors as soon as possible.

#6. Spotting Blood/Brown Discharge —

Days after your ovulation or few days to your next period, you may start spotting or seeing brown discharges, this most times indicate early pregnancy.

Please, quickly go for a pregnancy test or use a PT strip to check at home. Congratulations in advance.

Study these and stay safe. Share with female friends and avoid things the will hurt your vagina.

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