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What Swimming does to the Body and Know why it is Good for the Health and Skin

Swimming is a sport which has been recognized both at local and international levels. Swimming is great for cooling off during hot days, it's fun and a great workout which enables the body to stay in a good shape.

Swimming involves the whole body in action because you have to move you body against the pressure of the water. Swimming is not just about staying up in water, it involves the arm and leg pulling and kicking, the stomach gaining stamina to stabilize the whole body, which makes the body become flexible.

Swimming gives you a total body workout. It help burn out calories since it involves the whole body at work, it burns a lot of calories within few hours. It is a very good workout for building endurance, muscle strength and building up abs

Swimming is a good exercise for injury in a joint. Consistent swimming slowly helps build up the muscles around that joint in no time. It provides a very good therapy classes for some injuries and conditions.

Swimming shapes mental health and lowers stress and depression naturally. It is a great exercise for the mind because it involves mental alertness and mastering of how to stay above the water and also means to stretch the body towards the finishing set out goal in the pool.

When swimming, happy hormones are released and there is a feeling of relaxation after swimming. Motivation of completing daily task makes swimmers happy, swimming for 20minutes everyday can help lower stress and also help sleep better.

Swimming can be a good beauty treatment because it gives the skin a natural toning. Swimming help detoxify the skin which helps promote new growth, cleanses the pores and gives a smooth and healthy skin in just few weeks.

The constant motion in swimming increases heart rate which boost the body metabolism and in turn not only helps to loose weight but to remove excess toxins from the skin leaving you with a healthy glow.

Swimming is very good for the health and skin but if your skin often itch after bathing, you need a good moisturizer to apply to the skin after swimming to prevent dry, patchy and itchy skin.

Swimming puts your body weight, heart and lungs in check and healthy order. Swimming is good for all ages. If you are a starter or you are not good in swimming, request for floating balloons or a swimming tutor should always be readily available near you.

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Content created and supplied by: Lolayobami (via Opera News )


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