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Seven foods you should avoid if you are an ulcer patient

Ulcer ailment is a very common health disorder among the populace in Nigeria and abroad, statistics divulge that over 70℅ of Nigerians are living with Ulcer, at least there are five persons with ulcers among every 15 Nigerians you come across.

It is necessary you know that being an ulcer patient does not insinuate a death sentence. Ulcer is a mere internal wound mostly located at the strait of the stomach, sometimes it could hang around the chest region but in all cases, it comes with a short but seemingly long-lived pain. Ulcer can affect the way you relate with people and situations most especially when the non regular severe pain suddenly comes.

If discovered(ulcer) at an early stage, it can be healed permanently but late discovery can only be managed unless divine intervention ensues. Ulcer can be passed from one generation to another, health experts once reveal that hunger or not eating early is part of the primary cause of this internal injury(ulcer).

This article will focus on type of foods ulcer patients should eat less or better still avoid permanently.

1. Bread and Beans

Bread, not the ones made from wheat can cause great pain for ulcer patients. Food that contain high level of carbohydrates is not good for ulcer patients. Beans on the other hand is acidic, digestion of proteins start from the stomach. It contains elements of amino acids which can inflict more pain to your stomach that already contain concentrated level of hydrochloric acid. It will however be bad to your state of health to combine both bread and Beans if you are an ulcer patient.

2. Citric fruit or orange juice

Fruit like oranges consists of high level of citric acid, hence it not advisable to take it if you are an ulcer patient.

3. Meat with high fats

Avoid foods that has high degree of fatness and lipids. Fatty foods take long time to digest, hence is usually can converted into amino acid, lipase and other digestible form that could be harmful to the wound in your stomach.

Other foods ulcer patients should run away from includes;

4. Tomato

5. Coffee and tea, whether caffeinated or non caffeinated, they are harmful to the sore present in ulcer's patients.

6. Alcohol

7. Cassava flakes popularly known as "Garri"(Yoruba dialect)

Above foods are dangerous for your health if you are an ulcer patient, as much as possible, kindly do away with them.

Your questions are highly welcomed in the comment section below.

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