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3 Good Reason Why You Should Stop Eating Cucumber fruits

3 Good Reason Why You Should Stop Eating Cucumber fruits

Cucumber is ok for the vast majority to eat, however there are a few focuses to consider. 

Digestive problems

A few people discover a few sorts of cucumber difficult to digest. 

One source proposes that the ordinary, enormous cucumber accessible in most grocery shelves is simple for a many people to digest. 

Blood clotting

Cucumber is moderately high in vitamin K. Eating a lot of cucumber could influence how an individual's blood clots. 

Individuals who use warfarin (Coumadin) or comparative blood-diminishing medications ought not increase their intake of cucumber significantly or out of nowhere without talking with a doctor. 


A few people have revealed a allergic response to cucumber. Anybody with a realized allergy ought to dodge all contact with cucumber. 

Manifestations of a reaction include: 

1. hives 

2. Swelling

3. Difficulty breathing 

On the off chance that an individual has breathing issues, they need prompt clinical consideration. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic response that can be hazardous. 


Some cucurbitacins are poisonous for individuals to devour. Eating bottle gourd, for instance, has caused sickness in certain individuals. 

Individuals should: 

abstain from eating the plant on which cucumbers develop, just devour cucumber natural products that they know are palatable 

The concentration of cucurbitacins in the regular cucumber are probably not going to cause harmfulness.

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