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Why You Are Ageing Faster

The lifestyle you develop in your early years between your 20s and 30s have a huge impact on what you become and feel in your later years.

It is therefore extremely important to take care of your body with respect and "maintain optimal physical and mental health as you age".

You may not be aware, but here are some "avoidable culprits that speed up the aging process".

Unhealthy Eating

When your diet is constantly made of fatty carbohydrate foods, that's a major sign that is a huge cause of premature aging. You must know that processed foods such as "red meats, white bread, and margarine cause inflammation in your body".

Such foods like these tend to add unwanted levels of sodium, cholesterol and fat into your body. This on the other hand increasing your risky of obesity.

When you eat more whole foods such as wheat, wholegrain rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, rolled oats, faro and barley, these types of foods decrease any risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Likewise including fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. By eating these healthy foods it will give you a healthy skin and as well reduce wrinkles.

In addition to this, taking more of fruits and vegetables, which are full of vitamin C, zinc, and other nutrients, will aid and support your immune system.


Stress indeed is that thing that can age you faster than you ever can imagine; especially if you're the type that constantly worries a lot and is often full of anxiety.

"Studies have shown that prolonged periods of stress can actually alter your DNA". It could be caused by work or even family issues. Either way, they all can trigger or lead to increased blood pressure, deprivation of sleep and "acne breakouts". These all tend to age the human body.

You must find healthy ways to coup with stress. It is a priority you must have on your list. And in so doing, you could simply go for a walk, read a book or soak yourself in a warm bath tub.

Sleep Deprivation

Not having enough sleep is sadly a worldwide epidemic. "It has been widely proven that a lack of sleep leads to impaired cognition and memory performance".

And if continued, prolonged sleep that is constantly disrupted can critically have a major impact on the immune system, the ability to make the right decisions, and other key brain functions. Sleep deprivation as many might not know is said to speed-up the aging process.

When skin elasticity is reduced, uneven pigmentation and under-eye puffiness begin to appear, which is all due to poor sleep quality, and can affect how you age.

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