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10 deadly diseases and their cure including "poverty"

1.) Body odour: Bath regularly with granulated African Lavender flower mix with native soap and lime orange.

2.) Breast Cancer: Grind 3 big yam head mix with a cup of pure honey and some juice of aloe vera,rub the breast while aloe vera solution should be taken one cup after days.

3.) chest pain: pieces 8 Avocado pear seed and dry them in the sun, when it is dried, grind them and reserve for treatment.

Dosage:2 teaspoon in a pap (akamu) each morning until the problem become solved.

4.) Malaria fever: Peel back of mango tree,look for Dogoyaro leaves, guava leaves,paw paw leaves,lemon grass and about eight 8 lime orange,cut all together in a pot fill the pot with four liters of water,boil it to it's boiling point, to be taken half cup 3 times in the morning.Remember to warm it in the morning.

5.) Cholera: put one teaspoonful of salt in illicit gin(Akaikai) and drink.

6.) Eczema: Get bitter leaves and squeeze:rub the liquid on the affected area, while chewing the garlic onion for internal treatment.

7.)Eye problem: The eye lacks vitamin 'A', mix one bottle of pure honey and I bottle of red oil( red oil to be taken one spoon per day until the problem becomes solved.

8.)Internal pile: Scent leaves, bitter leaves and pawpaw leave, squeeze them together with water, filter and add some lime orange to be taken regularly.

9.) Loss voice: Get boiled water one cup,add 2 teaspoon of pure honey into the warm water, open your mouth on it and inhale the heat into the mouth.

10.) Poverty:

cause:ye have rubbed God and ye are cursed.

Deliverance: Bring ye all the tithes into the store room that there may be meat in my house,and prove me now herewith said the Lord of host,if I will not open you the windows of heaven,and pour you a blessing,that there shall not be room enough to receive it.Malachi 3:8-10.

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African Avocado Bath Dogoyaro


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