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"Dear Body No Matter How Imperfect You Are, I'm Proud To Call You Mine" -Lady.

Ladies, always appreciate how God Has made you. You are not by mistake and your flaws should not make you have a low self esteem. Don't compare yourself with anyone because we are programmed differently by God. God who is our creator has made us unique so don't be ungrateful. If you have weakness or flaws you are battling with, be thankful and appreciate, make it your strength and you will come out great.

There is a picture on Twitter of a lady named @mimo_mokgosi that has sent a wonderful message to the public about appreciating you body. Her caption attracted lots of online users. This lady posted her pictures of herself with a powerful saying that captured the attention of online users. She appreciated her body and proud of it despite the scars on her. She has sustained a big scars over the years that would have discouraged her or take away her value but she was confident and strong.

Ladies should learn how to build confidence and self worth in themselves as it turns out to be a great strength.

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