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Tips to help in prevention of breast cancer.

The breast is a developed mammary organ in females that has three parts, which are milk, fat and ligaments and fibres. It should be examined and taken good care of, to prevent cancer.

Ways to avoid cancer are

1. Avoid putting money in your brassieres, this can cause cancer of the skin and irritation.

2. Avoid much intake of alcohol.

3. Reduce intake of over processed foods.

4. Smoke from cigarettes and burning places can cause cancer, therefore avoid such places.

5. Eat alot of fruits, vegetables and diets that contain High fibre.

6. Check and examine your breast regularly of lump. Early detection of this and removal will help in preventing cancer of the breast.

7. If you are interested in enlargement or reduction of breast, please consult your doctor who has the history of your health so as to not to embrace cancer.

8. Females 40yrs and above should consult their doctors on when best to carry out mammogram.

9. Check your breast five days after your menstruation at the time when the shape, texture and size of the breast are back to normal.

10. Over weight in female can also cause breast cancer. When a female is over weight, the estrogen level in the blood increases chances of cancer.

11. When lump are noticed in the breast, see the doctor for biopsy to see if it is benign growth or malignant that is very dangerous.

12. Women that reach menopause late may develop breast cancer, so frequently meet your doctor for check up.

13. Check your family history to see if your family members has it and if present be careful of things you consume.

14. Consume a lot of cabbage, they contain powerful chemical that eliminate cancer- causing estrogen this will help protecting the breast against cancer.

15. Don't wear tight bras as it may cause blood to cloth together and causes cancer.

16. Don't wear brassieres to sleep, allow blood to flow freely.

17. Don't hide items under your breast, it is not advisable.

When we take these steps, it will take us away from the chances of being a victim of breast cancer and make us wholesome in health. Like and comment for more informations.

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