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3 Things To Do To Have A Healthy Breast

Breast health begins with breast care starting from teenage age. 

The tips to maintain breast health are: 

1. Wearing the right bra. 

2. Learning about breast care and how to self examine your breast. 

3. Maintaining a healthy weight.

4. Avoiding alcohol and smoking. 

All these are very essential to breast health. 

It's also important to know that healthy breasts do change. Over time you might see predictable changes that are part of your menstrual cycle, such as lumps or increased tenderness at certain times.

The following are ways to have a healthy breast: 

1. Wearing the right bra at all times: An important part of breast care is wearing a bra that is comfortable and gives you the support you need, particularly if you have medium to large-size breasts or if you play sports. 

Buying for the right bra for your breast is the first step in maintaining breast care. 

Wrong size of bra especially the tight ones will compress your breast, change the shape and cause other damages to the breast. 

2. Self Examination: A breast self-exam can help you figure out whether any changes you notice are part of normal breast development or need medical attention. Here are some of the concerns you should talk about with your doctor:

a. Lumps: Some women get lumps at certain times of their monthly cycle, but these go away. See your doctor if you feel a large mass that's growing or painful. An infection is the likely culprit, but your doctor should make the diagnosis.

b. Nipple discharge: There are a variety of reasons for fluid to come out of your nipples, from pregnancy to medication side effects, and almost all need your doctor's attention.

c. Skin changes: As with other parts of your body, your breast skin deserves attention. Take note if you see changes in your skin, such as a bleeding mole, unwanted hairs, or irritated patches of skin. Your doctor can help you find ways to manage these conditions.

3. Healthy diet & Weight: . A healthy diet and weight will keep your breasts and your body healthy. Being overweight can make it more difficult for both you and your doctor to feel whether your breasts are healthy and, over your lifetime, could also increase your risk for breast cancer.

Even lifestyle choices that don't seem related to your breast health actually are. For example, research now shows that girls and women who smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol significantly delay the development of their breasts.

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