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When SCHOOL finally reopens, funny PHOTOS that will make you laugh out loud.

Since the out break of the deadly virus in the country everything was brought to a halt as a result of lockdown, so as to ease the spread of the deadly virus. Amongst which school where closed since March, and now to major concern of everyone is when would school eventually resume. 

As there are lots of debate concerning the actual date of school, keeping everyone in suspense. Away from school Resumption, please don't bother your self too much. Below are funny pictures that will make laugh and wonder, but of a truth they clearly portray how Events will turn out to be, if school eventually resumes. And everybody goes back to the normal way.

I have given interpretation to the pictures, put you can add yours in the comments section. Just chill and catch some fun.

1. Wearing of face mask is more important than any other preventive measures. Social distancing does not matter.

2. After preventing your children from coro. Then you prevent them from the next matter . You Know na.

3. No more hugging or shaking. New method to welcome them to school.

4. Any how, patients want to survive. Them don run leave doctor.

5. Super heroes replaced with doctors and nurses. The rest are shadows. Lol6. All kinds of protection now needed. Including protection from men. All of them join.7. Patients look for how to escape and run from isolation Center.8. Alcohol based sanitizers uses as a sure Ensure for consuming Alcohol.9. Everybody wants to her the latest updates on coro with fear and trembling. Both young and old.10. Not obeying preventive measures becomes a sin. If you don't obey your conscience will not allow you to rest. Lol

11. Domestic violence victims takes over from coro patients in hospitals.13. chia, teachers go suffer when school reopen. Headache for them lol.

which number made your laugh out loud.

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