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Ladies, Here Are Medical Reasons Why You Should Not Do These Three Things During Your Period

Ladies should be very sensitive and conscious of their health, especially during periods. Most women don't know that they can develop lots of diseases during their period, these diseases can be life-threatening when not treated on time.

There are certain things women shouldn't do during their periods doing these things can cause them serious health problems. Most women are aware of these things but not all of them keep to them. Women who love themselves avoid things that can make them not live their normal lives. In this article, I will be discussing with you things you should do during your menses and the medical reasons why you should do them.

To maintain proper menstrual hygiene you should avoid doing the following during your period:

#1. Using dirty water to wash off: A woman who seeks a healthy lifestyle shouldn't use unclean water to wash off during her period. I have noticed that some women don't have access to clean/potable water, especially women living in rural areas. Using dirty water to wash off blood that is in the vagina during menses exposes you to greater risk. Doing these can infect your organ with germs and diseases that are present in the water. And when these germs come into contact with your body they multiply quickly and cause damages to some of your vital organs. To avoid such you should work hard in getting clean water stored in your water jar or you buy clean water from those who sell water in your community.

#2. Use diapers instead of clothes: some women prefer using clothes to absorb the blood that comes out of the vagina. My dear, you should use diaper than clothes, sanitary pad absorb blood more quickly than clothes, and reduce the amount of unwanted blood that comes in contact with that vagina. The use of clothes makes it easy for dangerous microorganisms to breed around the vagina area because of its inability to soak unwanted blood efficiently and this puts you at a high risk of getting infected with some diseases like vaginal bacteria infection, vaginal yeast infection, etc. You must change your sanitary pad too often to avoid getting overfilled with blood which increases the risk of some deadly diseases.

3. Not bathing regularly: Some ladies bathe once a day and some of them don't keep proper menstrual hygiene. Every woman should regularly bathe at least twice everyday during. This helps in washing off microorganisms and unwanted blood and reduces the risk of germs and bacteria the breed in the body. Not bathing regularly during your period makes your body to develop bad odor and you will be at a greater risk of developing serious infections and diseases that may be life-threatening. Every lady should take note of these three things, if you want to lower the risk of dangerous health conditions.

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