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Mix Salt With Olive Oil And Here Is What It Will Do For You

Salt is very powerful. God said "You are the salt of the earth and light of the world.

The mixture of olive oil and salt is very effective in performing various miracles in the name of God.

Below is how to prepare it and what it does.

-Get some olive oil.

-Get some salt.

-Put the salt in your hand and begin praying to God. Pray to God to make the salt a powerful instrument to perform miracles and pray to God to manifest his powers in the salt.

-After praying with the salt in your hand, put the salt inside the olive oil you set aside earlier and Stir the olive oil.

Note: After putting the salt into the olive oil, it is no longer an ordinary oil, instead it now contains the healing powers of God. Its is now called A HOLY OIL.

Benefits of this oil

-If you are a woman and you are infertile, rub a little of this oil on your stomach. Declare Godly prayers while rubbing the oil on your stomach and you will be fertile again.

-If you have any form of infection, put 3 drops of this oil in your mouth, declare Godly prayers and such infections will be healed by the special intervention of God.

-Rub little of this oil in front of the door of your house before sleeping and no witchraft will penetrate your house.

-If you are traveling, rub little of this oil for protection against evil things.

-Drop little of this oil in front of your shop and God's favor will flow.

-If you are going for an exam or interview, rub little of this oil on your forehead and God's grace will be on you.

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A HOLY OIL Olive Oil


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