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Stop Taking The Mixture of Malt With Milk as a Blood Tonic, Rather Take This Instead.

Many have fallen to the myth about taking a mixture of malt and milk either for boosting their blood or increasing the volume of their blood. That is completely a myth, by that I mean It's not true. Many households are taking this mixture with the reasons that they want to prevent anaemia or boost their blood level. Now this article is going to enlighten you more than you will expect. Continue reading.

According to Dr. Olufunmilayo she said "malt mixed with milk and squashed pumpkin are used to treat anaemia, malt and milk alone cannot do anything to the body". This is the most common mistake that people make, they fail to make good research before attempting any self medication. They always believe whatever that comes around to be true.

The most common fact you should consider is "which mineral truly gives blood" this should be the last he first thing to consider before taking any step to make recipes.

Before you consider any food as a blood booster it should contain a high amount of iron, if not it not a blood booster. That's the reason why the fruited pumpkin (ugu) is always recommended for those in need of blood. No medical personnel will ever recommend the mixture of malt and milk alone.

Now to make the doubt clear. Milk contains a very little amount of iron which won't be enough for the body to produce more blood cells as needed. Its main contents are carbohydrate and protein, milk doesn't even contain iron.

Over to malt, it is a cereal and its main contents are calories, carbohydrate and a very little vitamins.

As you can see not even an atom of iron in it.

People should wake up from their slumbers and seek knowledge, as it is always said health is wealth so is education power. Take mil, malt and pumpkin to prevent anaemia rather than taking only malt and milk.

Don't forget to follow up, because more are still going to be revealed regarding your health.

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