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What should I do to overcome these habits

My name is Eze valentine, I am 20 years old

As an unstable Christian I have tried to serve God with all my heart but it is so difficult

Please what should I do to revive myself in my Christian Life

I find it difficult to read my Bible or even pray

I am also used to habits like stealing, lying and back biting.

I am also selfish, and I find it difficult to give to my neighbors.

I also find it difficult to stop excess drinking and gambling because of my addiction to drinking and gambling, I find it difficult to stop drinking or gambling.

I recently got born again, and I want to know those habits I should adapt to in order to run this Christian race in a successful way

As a Christian, I would like to know God and see him by making heaven.

So all my point is that I want to know what I will do to kill does habits.

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Christian Eze


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