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Stop Using Toilet Paper to Clean up After Using the Toilet. See The Disadvantages

A lot of people prefer to use the toilet paper after using the toilet for various reasons. Some say it is portable while other people just like the scent. But people do not know that the paper towel or tissue paper usually leave some minor problems that people tend to overlook. In this article, I want to tell you some problems' tissue paper can bring to you and the environment.

1. It doesn't clean you thoroughly.

You might think tissue paper cleans you up when you finish using the toilet, but you are wrong. Instead of tissue paper to wipe faeces away, it smears it over a wide area until it's a thin layer that we can't see on the paper.

2. It leaves you sore.

For people that have excretory problems which make them use the restroom frequently, the continuous use of tissue paper leaves them sore and can cause bruises. Water on the other hand cleans the waste without causing any damage to the body.

3. It can cause some infections.

The residual waste on your body as a result of using toilet paper can lead to various infections like diarrhea.

4. It harms the environment.

To make a roll of toilet paper, up to 10 trees have to be used not to talk of millions that are made. This takes balance away from nature.

5. Mass deforestation.

As I said earlier, because trees are cut down to make it, forests suffer greatly from commercial companies.

I'm not saying you should totally stop using toilet paper, but its use should be reduced to enable a clean and healthy environment.

If you doubt this, ask yourself this question. If you can't use a dry towel to bathe, how can toilet paper effectively clean you up.

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