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Tips To Maintain A Healthy Teeth

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is not hard to achieve but it requires discipline, focus, and hard work.To build and maintain a strong oral health you must put in deliberate effort.A lot of people tend to be lazy to brush their teeth daily but in order to protect your oral health, you must establish and maintain a good oral hygiene. The tips for a healthy teeth will be discussed in this article.

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Tips To Maintain A Healthy And Strong Teeth:

1 Brush at least twice : In order to maintain a good oral health, you should Make deliberate effort to brush morning and evening before going to bed.

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2 Brush Thoroughly: Tooth brushing should take 3-5minutes.

3 Limit your sugar intake

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4 Limit acidic drinks

5 Floss your teeth daily

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6 Use fluoridated toothpaste: It hardens the tooth enamel and reduces the risk of decay.

7 Avoid using your teeth for other activities aside chewing.

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