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See 20 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast.

Breakfast is most important meal you should joke with, it breaks the overnight fasting period. It re-provides your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness and other essential nutrients required for good health.

Here are the lists of what your body undergoes whenever you skip breakfast:

1. You risk yourself for disease

2. You deprive your body of essential nutrients

3. You wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels

4. You deprive your body of energy

5. Your metabolism wakes up

6. Skipping breakfast could sharpen your brain

7. Skipping breakfast could boost your productivity (activity)

8. Skipping breakfast could reversed the process of your age

9. Your Cortisol rises. Your brain needs glucose to survive through the night and sometimes there isn't enough stored glycogen in the liver to maintain adequate blood glucose level. This problem is solved by increasing cortisol levels.

10. Your immunity goes down

11. Your levels of acidity increase

12. Headaches and Dizziness begin

13. You're missing out on protein

14. Skipping breakfast increases the mucus levels needed for the growth of good bacteria and elimination of the bad.

15. Halitosis will only get worse when you skip breakfast (Bad Breath Abounds)

16. Hypoglycemia becomes a risk

17. No food in the morning leads to increased in appetite and sugar cravings (your obesity risk can increase)

18. Lady Menstrual cycle can be thrown off

19. A safe ketogenic state is entered. Your body will dip into fat stores for energy

20. Endorphins (painkillers) released. 

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