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5 Foods You Should Consume To Lessen Your Risk Of Stroke

A stroke is a health issue that occurs due to the disruption or reduction in the supply of blood to part of your brain, preventing brain tissue from receiving oxygen and nutrients. Brain cells start to die in minutes.

Stroke is a medical emergency, and quick medical care is crucial to prevent death. Early action can reduce brain damage and other health complications that can follow.

Symptoms of stroke include.

• Weakness.

• Changes in vision or difficulty seeing with one or both eyes.

• Difficulty walking.

• Balance or coordination loss.

• Numbness.

• Chronic headache.

• Confusion.

• Difficulty speaking, or lack of ability to understand speech.

• Dizziness.


Some of the foods that help lessen your risk of stroke include.

1. Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is an exceptionally nutritious food that contains fibre and potassium which assists with lessening the danger of suffering stroke. These nutrients likewise help with reducing blood pressure thereby keeping your heart in a healthy state.

2. Potato 

Fibre, potassium and different minerals contained in potato assists with keeping you in a healthy condition. Consuming potatoes regularly assists with keeping your brain and heart-healthy thus forestalling stroke. 

3. Onions

The antioxidants and water contained in onions assist with clearing your heart and keep your brain hydrated. At the point when you take onions consistently, it will assist with lessening your risk of having a stroke.

4. Salmon

Salmon is a cold-water fish loaded with various nutrients. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D which assists with keeping your heart solid and prevent brain harm. At the point when your brain and heart is sound, the danger of having a stroke will lessen.

5. Seeds 

Seeds such as chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds are known for their high measure of Omega-3 fatty acids and potassium. These nutrients help with keeping your heart in a healthy condition subsequently decreasing the danger of getting a stroke. 

Ensure you consume these 5 things regularly to reduce your stroke risk.

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