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Things that can increase your chances of having twins

A baby brings immense happiness in your life, and twin babies are twice the fun and make you feel on top of the world. People usually consider giving birth to twins as something to be proud of.

In this article, we will be looking at those 9 things that increases your chances of having twins.

What boosts your odds of having twins?

Fertility treatments like Clomifene, Gonal-F, and Follistim make it more likely you'll conceive multiples, but also factors like your height, age, and even family history can increase your odds of birthing more than one.

Let's look at 9 factors that will increases your chances of twins without even using fertility drugs.

1. Age:

Women over 30 are more likely to conceive twins. This is because the hormone FSH rises as a woman gets older. FSH, or follicle stimulating hormone, is responsible for the development of eggs in the ovaries before they are released. 

The follicles sometimes will overreact to the higher FSH levels, and two or more eggs are released, resulting in a twin pregnancy.

2. Family History:

If you have fraternal twins (non-identical) in your family, your chances of conceiving twins rise. If there are fraternal twins on both the mother and father's side, your odds for twins goes up even higher.

3. Weight:

Women who are obese (with a BMI over 30) are more likely to conceive twins than women with a healthier BMI. This is an ironic situation since overweight women are also more likely to have difficulty conceiving. Extra fat leads to increased levels of estrogen. The higher levels of estrogen can lead to overstimulation of the ovaries. Instead of releasing just one egg at ovulation, the ovaries may release two or more.

4. Height:

Women who are taller than average are more likely to have twins. One study found that women averaging 164.8 cm in height were more likely to conceive twins than women averaging 161.8 cm .Why this happens isn't clear.

5. Diet:

Some studies have found that women who eat a lot of dairy products are more likely to conceive twins. One theory is that the growth hormones given to cows affect the hormone levels in humans.


Women who conceive while breastfeeding are more likely to conceive twins than women who are not. It's true that breastfeeding can also suppress fertility and prevent pregnancy, specifically during a baby's first six months if the baby is exclusively breastfed. However, it is possible to get pregnant when breastfeeding and with twins.

Your chances of having twins will depend not just on your use of fertility drugs, but also your family history, race, age, and many other factors. These factors do work together.

I hope you find this help? If so, drop your comments and pls share to educate others.

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