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What May Happen To The Health Of People Who Always Eat Nylon Cooked Moi-moi

"Moi-moi" is amomg those dishes made from beans. This dish is made by grinding beans to paste after having their outer layers removed and afterwards adding little water and other condiments to it tasty.

The end point of it's preparation is getting the resulting solution wrapped up in portions and having them thrown in a pot of already boiling water where they harden to form pudding.

Source: Mydiasporakitchen

Ideally, they should be wrapped with traditional leaves but in recent times, these process of utilizing these leaves seem to be stressful and a lot of people prefer using nylons which are obviously way easier. Use of nylons could make this nutritious meal more harmful to our health than beneficial.

An article sited on Daily sun records that nylons emit dioxins which are substances quite toxic to health when exposed to heat. Dioxins being highly toxic could result on ingestion to reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.

Moi-moi, though is quite nutritious but it's consumption can really lead to a couple health damages when they are prepared with nylons. The reason is, these substances emitted by nylons on exposure to heat would find their way into the food itself. When we consume such foods they get into our body where they reside till they are excessive enough to attack our health.

This is what moi-moi leaves look like. Image sourced from The Guardian Nigeria

Instead of making use of nylons, it is better to make use of traditional leaves. They are healthier and would bless such food with a couple nutrients as well as a good flavour. These leaves are present in the markets. We can find them if only we look for them.

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