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Mental Health: Rising Cases Of Suicide In Nigeria Is Alarming, Lagos TV host says

The number of individuals committing suicide is disturbing, the average number is 6 a month and about 56 individuals have committed suicide in 2021.

Morning Delight host, Romelia Esangbedo and co-host

Photo credit: Lagos Television

Many Individuals who commit suicide must have been at the face of depression and lacked hope. Depression could come from family, friends, wife, husband, lover, parents or anywhere.

Depression could also trigger from reports given from hospitals, working place or schools.

Romelia said that depression also affects the young ones, say for instance, the abduction of students in Nigeria that has happened couple of days or weeks ago, that could affect the young ones

The guest of the day was Oluwasegun Olalekan, who said that lectures in different institutions frustrate students from results, organizations sack their employees who depend on just salaries, people body shame individuals which could lead to depression and sad news afterwards.

Oluwasegun said, "I spoke to someone yesterday who said that his wife was diagnosed with a deadly disease, he spent a lot of money on her and she wasn't getting better, he kept finding solutions and taking care of their little kids all alone, so she decided to take her life because she thinks she is a burden to him."

"I know of someone who was arrested and imprisoned, while in prison he witnessed people taking their lives with their hands, some of them could be deployed from abroad, some could be because they lost something valuable they had".

Mental Health is a serious matter that should be given attention to, some people are smiling but dying inside.

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Lagos Nigeria Romelia Esangbedo


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