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You can't call yourself an introvert if you did not have all these personality traits

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What is an introvert?

An introvert is a person with the qualities of the personality type know as introversion, which means they feels more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas rather than what is happening external between them. They also enjoy spending time between one or two people rather than large crowd.

Most people mistake introversion for been shy and love been alone. That can be true for some but there are much more between to this personality type. It just matter how to rules the world around you.

Causes of introversion

Scientists don't know for sure if there is a cause for introversion or extroversion. What they know is that the brain of the two personality types work differently from each others.

Types of introvert

Study showed that introvert tend to fall into one of four sub type below :

Social introverts :

This is the classic type of introverts they do like small group of crowd and quiet setting.

Thinking introverts :

People in this group are daydreamers. They spend a lots of time in their thoughts and tend to have creative imagination.

Restrained/inhibited introverts :

These introverts think before they act. They aren't likely to make a decision on a whim. Typically they take longer to take action.

Anxious introverts :

They always seek out alone time not because they like it. Because they always feels shy and awkward around people.

Signs that might make you an introvert.

If you have all this signs you can call yourself an introvert but what introvert are you classify into that a question regarding it.

1. They always retreat into their own minds to rest.

2. They use imagination to work out their problems.

3. They have few friends and are very closed to their friends.

4. They needs quite to concentrate.

5. They are reflective.

6. They are self aware.

7. They don't like group work.

8. They prefer to type rather than talking.

9. They love taking time in decision.

10. They always feels strange when been in crowd.

The question is are you an introvert or not?

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