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8 Warning signs of poor blood circulation that should never be ignored.

Blood circulation is very important because your body organs need oxygenated blood for their daily activities. Damaged valve or blood vessels and vascular disease can affect blood circulation thereby reducing blood flow. Fatty buildup or plaque around blood vessels can also lead to poor blood circulation. There are warning signs you will notice when your body finds it difficult to circulate blood.

Below are signs you will notice.


Poor blood circulation can lead to the occurrence of angina. Angina is when you experience heaviness around your chest which may later spread to your jaw, arms or back.

2.Painful cramps

This is a common sign that indicates poor blood flow. When you keep experiencing cramp in your hip, thigh, abdominal muscles and calf muscles, you need to take appropriate measures to improve blood circulation. You can either rest, do some exercises or take medication.

3.Varicose veins

You may have varicose veins without knowing what makes them to occur. when the valve of your vein becomes weak due to blockage, blood will tend to pass with a greater pressure. When this happens, visible swellings will be found on some areas of your skin. The swellings could either be green, blue or purple.

4. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects men and it occurs due to poor blood circulation. Men with erectile dysfunction may experience pain and they may also find it difficult to maintain a proper erection.

5. Weakness and exhaustion.

When you have poor blood circulation, you will become weak and get tired regularly. This occurs because your blood doesn't receive enough minerals. Low energy levels occur thereby making you feel weak and exhausted.


When there is reduction of blood flow to your body organs, you will experience swelling. This happens because your organs cannot get rid of water effectively thereby making your feets, stomach and even your hands to accumulate much water.

7.Feeling cold

When blood circulation is hindered, you will tend to feel cold due to low blood supply. The coldness is as a result of low energy due to poor blood circulation.

8. Difficulty concentrating.

When a limited amount of blood is passed to your brain it could affect the normal brain function. You will then find it difficult to focus on a particular thing.

Please try never to ignore these signs. Meet your doctor for proper medication.

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