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How To Get Over A Heart Break

Being in love is a beautiful thing but when a relationship stops working, both or one of the parties opt for a break up. This should not seem like the end of the world or the end of your love life, as there is so much more that love has got to offer. 

Below are five ways in which you can get over being heart broken in a matter of a few weeks

1. Allow yourself to feel hurt

Cry if you must, vent as reasonably as you can. It is not a bad idea to let off steam and relieve yourself from all the hurt you are feeling inside. Bottling your feelings just helps you stay bitter for a long time. It also affects the way you see love relationships and this can affect your subsequent relationships.

2. Write a letter

Sometimes just writing a letter to the one who broke your heart, stating everything you feel is very good therapy. After writing it, read it and then tear it up. You can continue the process a few times till you get over your feeling of hurt. It is better than getting violent or lashing out irrationally.

3. Give yourself time to heal

Jumping into the next relationship is not the cure for a broken heart. It just sets you up for more heart ache. Allow yourself to heal from the past pain before going into another relationship. Instead give yourself some time to heal. Pick up a productive hobby along the way that takes your mind off whatever hurt you might be feeling. 

4. Evaluate yourself

Objectively analyse what went wrong and the part you played in everything. Only one party cannot be at fault. Work on your short comings and build yourself to be a better person for your next partner. 

5. Talk to someone who is reasonable and who also cares about you.

Not everyone who cares about you is reasonable, so make sure the person you are talking g to has some really good advise or listening ears to give. Getting good advise is worth more than silver and gold.

While the Coronavirus pandemic rages on, I urge everyone to please stay safe, wash your hands and sanitize, it helps!

Thank you for reading!

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