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4 Top Reasons Why Ladies Snub Guys

You saw a lady, you liked her you feel you should approach her so that you can know her more, you did so , you approached her, but she ignored you and snubbed you.

Then you start to wonder what happened. These are the factors or the reasons why you are being snubbed.

1. The lady's mood.

2. Your look.

3 Mode of approach.

4. Poor communication skills.

1. The lady's mood is an important factor.when you want to approach a lady, try to figure out what mood she in, to avoid any form of embarrassment.

If she is in a good mood you can start with a good and funny pick up line.

But when she is in a bad mood, the man must be serious when talking. He should ask for reasons why she is sad and he should comfort her, this way the lady will be happy and ready to talk to the man.

2. Your look: The man look is important. First impression last longer and  you are addressed the way you dress.

It is not mandatory to put on suit before approaching a lady but you must dress responsibly and maintain good posture either while standing or sitting until you are done with conversation.

3. Method of approach: An approach is a way of dealing with something or somebody. A method is the process used or the steps taken to deal with an issue or a person. Use a good and acceptable process while dealing with the lady. She should feel safe while she is still having a conversation with you.

4. Poor communication skills: communication is the act of passing information from one person to another, so in order to have an effective communication make sure u speak the language she understands, don't sugarcoat, and don't exaggerate also initiate new topics so as to keep the conversation going.

Studying these things will make you have a nice conversation with the lady of your choice.

Content created and supplied by: Oduniyitaiwo (via Opera News )


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